Wednesday, August 15, 2018

(For the record, until I can sleep through the night again, this blog is mostly going to be about the Kardashian/Jenners and my thoughts on the pop music charts.)

Is it just me, or does the image of the woman on this cover look like Kylie Jenner?

People really seem to like Imagine Dragons.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

"Do you have The Weather Inside by Emily Saso?"
"Um, let me check.... No." 
"Well, it's supposed to be wonderful. It's had several excellent reviews."
"Would you like me to order it for you?"
"I'm from out of town so that won't work, unfortunately. But you should stock it."

My mom went undercover at my local bookstore this weekend.

When we got home, she told me that she contacted the CBC's Shelagh Rogers about my book. They went to camp together as kids, so she wrote a proper pitch letter to her with a story she could leverage and everything.

Kris Jenner watch out.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

I've hit a creative wall with this scene. It's a backstory chunk. Now, normally I love writing backstory, especially when it helps me build suspense. (Does that sound confusing?) But this chunk. Gah. I've been working it for months and can't make it shine.

Good news, though!

Just a few hours ago, a random, confused woman wandered into our apartment. So instead of triple-saving my Word doc and closing it as I normally would, I'm going to leave it open in case she comes back. Maybe she has some good ideas.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

New novel.
1.5 years in.
Decide to change my main character's name.
Find and replace.
Remember why I named him the name that I originally named him.
Find and replace.
Remember why I decided to change the original name to the new name.
Find and replace.
Wait a minute... Wasn't there...
Google the meaning of the original name.
Ah ha.
Find and replace.
Remember that the original name was too close to a nickname that I gave the main character, which may confuse readers, which I may never even have because this book is a risk and maybe it's terrible and what the hell am I doing who do I think I am Martin freaking Amis?
Find and replace.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Women who get $#it done

Hurray for Bronwyn Szabo, Shannon Litt and Caitlin Carmody! Three women who inspire me with their endless creativity and their ability to make actual real things!

Their latest project is a trailer for a series they want to develop called The Take. They shot it for the Independent Production Fund, which funds drama and comedy content intended for the web -- which can lead to a produced pilot, a funded web series, and maybe even a shot at a television series! Here's how they describe The Take:
"Betty, frustrated with being an aging, “aspiring”, broke actress, with the help of her criminal diner boss, kills two birds with one stone by laundering money through a tax-shelter movie that she stars in, and discovers that while she may not be star material, she may be fit for a life of crime."

Bronwyn and Shannon also shot this wonderful trailer last year for a series Bronwyn created (and stars in) called Tight Knit:
"Two clashing half-sisters must work together to keep their deceased Grandmothers yarn store, Purls Are A Girls Best Friend, afloat." 

Congratulations to these talented women! I can't wait to see what's next!