Saturday, March 13, 2010

A question for Jesus

How do I know, I mean really know, that I don’t suck at writing? The rejections keep coming and everyone else’s blogs keep telling me that I should keep trying, that every other first-time author gets mountains of no's as high and wide as Kilimanjaro. There are so many of these encouraging stories from so many authors out there. You know the kind:

“I got rejected 466 times before I got my book, The Holy Bible, published by Random House.”
- Jesus Christ

That’s nice, Jesus, but what made you keep trying? Because I'm not so sure that I should. Because this morning, after not really sleeping again, I started to think that I never should have written my book in the first place. That I had no business trying to be a story teller. That I'm an inconvenience upon the marketplace. A sad joke to my friends and enemies. A waste of agents' valuable time, paper and texting minutes.

Maybe you actually had something there, Jesus. Maybe those fish and wine stories really were good. And those 466 agents really just didn’t “get it” and maybe those agents really had "too many" clients and maybe those other agents really truly weren’t the right "fit" at the right "time" in the right "market." Perhaps finding your publisher really was just a "numbers game," Jesus, and you played it well.

So what’s the secret, Jesus? What’s the secret to staying in the submissions game? How do I stay positive about my book, Jesus, when everybody else is so negative?

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