Friday, April 23, 2010

The appeal of Canada

So now that I'm high in the sky of U.S. pilot land, I have a question: Will Canada fly? Can I use my home and native land as the setting and still get taken seriously by U.S. networks and agents? Because I'm afraid, in fact, that the use of Canada (Toronto specifically) as the location for my show will screw me over rather fantastically. Here's what I fear agents and networks will do to my pilot when "Toronto" appears on page three:

1) Shred it.
"Who is she kidding? Stories about Canada just don't sell here, just like they don't sell in Canada!"

2) Google-map it... "Hey Harvey! Where's Canada again?" ... then shred it.

This problem didn't exist when my project was purely a literary one. In fact, it was the opposite: my story wasn't Canadian
enough for Canadian agents.

So what should I do? Twenty-five pages in and I'm still typing out Toronto (and writing a secondary character's dialogue with a moderate Newfie lilt). But I'm wondering if I'm making the right choice. Should I change it? Chuck the Canuck altogether and just sub in New York or maybe Chicago? And if I do, would I actually be making the show more salable? Or maybe, just maybe, the Canadian connection is the clincher I need?

See, I think Canadians are interesting, maybe even more interesting than Americans. And it's not like I'll be whipping viewers in the face with a maple leaf. Just some wild weather and oversized pocket change now and then.

Sigh. I'm going to St. Lawrence Market to buy some of that maple candy and have a think on this.


Okay Canada. I'm back. And the sweet sweet sap of your magic trees has won me over.

It's on, Canada. It is on.


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