Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm a hozer

So the Toronto Transit Commission Kindness Experiment continues. This morning, after another overly warm welcome, the "driver" of my subway car offered this thought for the day. And I swear to God this actually happened. "Aim for the stars," he said. "You will at least reach the clouds." Not sure if that's the kind of advice a person who alternates between pressing a go button and a stop button for nine hours a day should really be doling out, but hey -- who am I to judge? Have you seen my rejection pile lately?

Ironically, as this pay-it-forward announcement was being made I was listening to the song "Loser" by Beck on my iTouch. Talk about your mixed messages. Speaking of mixed messages, remember that post I wrote on Friday? The one you can see poking out just below this one? The one about how proud I am to write a tv pilot that's set 100% in Canada? Yeah, well, that changed this weekend. I've decided to set the show in Chicago. The main character is Canadian so I haven't completely gone off track but still, so much for my nationalistic pride, eh? But the reasoning behind this decision is, I think, sound.

I actually believe that this angle will be more interesting in terms of character development. If you think about it, a Canadian in an American city is much more complex than a Canadian in a Canadian city. It will make for some comedy (other characters will tease her aboot twoonies and loonies and national referendums -- ha! ha! ha!) and drama (why did she leave? what is she running from?) and blah blah blah.

All this bull$#!% aside, the ironic truth is that while writing this pilot I found myself becoming a victim of a large part of what defines us as Canadians: the Canadian inferiority complex. As much as I wish they would, I don't think American agents will buy into a show set in Canada. And really, when it comes right down to it, I don't think I will either.


  1. Does it star a Mountie with a pet wolf?

  2. Chad - If only all Canadian-penned shows could reach the heights of mediocrity that Due South did. Sigh. If only.

  3. LOL You should totally have a Mountie with a pet wolf in it, but stay true to TV-land and cast both of them with American actors.

  4. what about a Torontonian in Kamloops? now that is television GOLD!

  5. Oh my God... Matt and Jon - I'd like to respond to each of your intelligent and witty remarks, but I'm too floored by the fact that I have THREE (count 'em!) comments!