Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My new(t) project

I know I haven't been posting every day as of late. And I know this makes it seem as though I've been slacking off. But I promise you -- those of you who don't know how A-type I can be -- slacking is one thing that I do not do. I've just been busy writing that darned pilot. As a matter of fact, I'm done the first draft! A table read with some brave souls on the weekend and I'll be ready to ship this thing out to the agent in L.A.

I don't think I need to state how badly I need this agent to like it. But even if he doesn't, I do. I actually like it a lot -- a hell of a lot more than my manuscript, as a matter of fact. The story seems to work so much better as a TV show. My characters have the room to grow longer legs and my brain seems in love with the pace and potential that TV allows. I don't know why I ignored my true love and even bothered with the book in the first place. I have the attention span of a retarded newt. And exposition and wordiness are my kryptonite.

In case you doubt that this pilot actually exists and that it's just something I made up so I could get blog-lazy, here's the opening paragraph:



It’s dark but there are signs of life. Beneath a thick duvet in a too-small double bed breathe two shapes: a WOMAN and a MAN. The man is sleeping soundly, curled up on his side, but the woman is very much awake. She is lying on her back, her blue eyes open wide, staring up at the ceiling. She’s gripping the man’s hand in hers. He squeezes back – an unconscious muscle memory thing. The woman seems tense or deep in thought, or both. Bits of light from the outside begin to creep in through the window blinds. A dusty ray interrupts the woman’s line of sight. It’s all she needs.

I'll post the title eventually, but I'm still not sure that it isn't lame.

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