Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gone baby gone

My pilot script is gone now -- out of my hands and into the agent's hard drive. It was scary as $#!% sending that thing off. I've invested probably five years of my life in this story, which should be terribly depressing given the zilch that has come from it. Well, not exactly zilch. In fact, far from it. These past few years have been the most creatively rewarding that I've ever had, which means I'm either Insane or a writer No Matter ____. No Matter what anyone else thinks. No Matter how much rejection I have to endure. No Matter how little I am paid for my work. Of course, "a little something something would be nice," that's what she said.

So now the waiting game begins. If I ever hear from that agent again, it could be weeks, months even. If I was in town I'd be sweating and twiddling my thumbs so I'm glad I'm getting gone, too. Unfortunately, I have to take my thumbs and my sweat with me, but I'm confident that they'll be pleasantly distracted by unfamiliar sights and sounds. There's no better way to take your mind off a Hollywood waiting game than by spending money you don't have on a trip to Europe.

Unfortunately, my blog postings will be few and far between so, mom, I'm sorry. I'll call you when I get back though. And no, that photo is not gratuitously violent and bloody. It's Casey Affleck, mom, so it's definitely pudding.

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