Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Listening is good

The lack of posting is starting to make me itch. But my creative attention elsewheres is paying off because I'm almost done the pilot. I had a table reading on the weekend, which is literally me and some friends (and my very accommodating boyfriend -- hi muffin!) sitting around my dining room table, reading. No need for fancy semantics here. Despite some defensive huffing and puffing on my part, the thing -- which featured pizza, grapefruit Perrier, cookies, wine and an impressive Greek slash Russian slash Pakistani (?) accent -- went pretty well.

As I've learned over the past few months, table reads are essential to tv writing. It's amazing how much I learn just by listening. The dialogue that tanks, the pace that challenges my ADD, the masturbatory exposition that can be cut cut cut. Of course, it's also very scary to share the thing with other people, but that sharing is the only way that I can make my stories better. My brain gets stuck in the mud sometimes and I need other people to push me out.

The biggest tweaks include a change of timing (Christmas season), more dialogue to break up the often heavy setting/character descriptions, and even a new title -- Happy Armageddon, which, if you've been paying attention, is the title of my recently deceased manuscript, minus the "A." I'm making the final changes today and then -- eek! -- off it will go to the agent who got this wacky ball rolling. I wonder if he actually thought I'd send him a pilot or if it was just some extremely kind, new-style blow-off? Could you imagine? I think I would cry tears of soy ice cream, because that's what I've been compulsively eating while writing this show. I've pretty much turned into that lady up there, except I'd be chocolate. No sprinkles either, because I'm a serious woman.


  1. Hello cupcake. :)
    Don't forget about the stuttering italglish speaking dude. Oscar worthy stuff I tell you.

  2. I could never forget. That accent was too spot-on to make fun of though. Fragola!!!!