Friday, September 24, 2010

Better blog than mine

Since my blogging has been temporarily stalled by another attempt at re-writing my novel, (more on that later) you may want to check out this one instead. When you read it, please keep in mind that the author of this blog doesn't actually have a book deal. This is easy to forget for all kinds of reasons. Read one post and you'll understand why. Just look to your right -- that's another clue.

I have no idea if this woman can write. She's never posted an excerpt, I've never gone to a reading (yes -- she has them) and blogs offer up poor evidence of true literary talent. (At least I sure hope so.) So she could be the worst or she could be the best. But she has balls and she's going for it her way. And so, this woman, this incorrigible optimist, has become my hero. My newest reason to keep trying.


  1. You are my hero too -- 60 submissions and counting. Keep it up & good luck with your rewrite! And yes, I am an optimist and have taken your challenge to reveal some of my writing. Check back very soon.

  2. Ha! That didn't take long at all! Way to find me, Evadne. I'll be giving your excerpt a read real soon. Keep up the good fight!