Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's not easy writing short

Yes! I knew it wouldn't take long! Evadne found me, folks. (See post below for context.) So log on to her blog here and read her excerpt. And she makes you work for it, too! Evadne, if you're reading this, you are a freaking genius! Do you want to be my agent? :)

As you can tell, I'm rooting for her pretty hard. Maybe someday I'll have the guts to post online as well. But I doubt it. And hey, does posting online count as published? Technically? The CBC short fiction contest rules and regulations make me think so:

"Requirements: All entries must be original and unpublished works. All works that have appeared in print or on the Internet, including self-published works, are considered previously published and are therefore not eligible for the competition."

And by the way, short stories are really really really hard to write. Did you know that? Because I didn't. I thought I wrote one the other day... until I re-read it. STINKTOWN, let me tell you. You short story writers out there are a different breed altogether.

Anyhoo, I gave up on that idea pretty quickly and got back to the business of long-form. Specifically, the business of begging for money for my long-form courtesy the Ontario Arts Council. Third time's a charm.


  1. Aha! And I've just figured out who you are based on the title of your MS above. We met at a Humber Writer's Circle ... do you remember? I liked what I read of your writing. Keep it up.

    Evadne Macedo

  2. Yeah, everyone who reads my blog knows who I am. That's how impressive and wide-reaching my following is. Right, Mom?