Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Playlists for Writers

You know how Stephenie Meyer thanks her favourite bands on the acknowledgment pages in all of her Twilight books? Yeah, me neither. Anyhoo, other totally unrelated things (probably something I read in The New Yorker) got me thinking about what my favourite bands/songs to write to are. While most often I need silence to write, sometimes -- depending on what type of scene I'm writing and what stage in the writing of it that I'm at -- I'll crank up my iTunes player and weeeee! off to the races. Here are some of my current favourites and what I'm writing when I listen.

Break-up scenes:
"Kill" Jimmy Eat World
"Sabotage" Beastie Boys
"Try" Blue Rodeo

Get-over-him scenes:
"Power" Kanye West
"Sweet disposition" The Temper Trap

Falling-in-love scenes:
"Friday I'm in love" The Cure
"I will follow you into the dark" Death Cab for Cutie

Generally sad scenes:
"Teardrop" Massive Attack
"Hallelujah" Jeff Buckley

Funny scenes:
"Me and Julio down by the schoolyard" Paul Simon
"Let the cool goodness rust away" Clap Your Hands And Say Yeah

While editing scenes:
Anything without lyrics -- the Chocolate soundtrack is my current #1
"Wish you were here" by Pink Floyd is great, too

Although I always have to go back and fix things up when music is involved, I often find that a song or two is great for moving things along and setting the emotional tone of any scene. (It also helps block out the construction noises courtesy my perpetually unsatisfied neighbours.) What are your favourite songs to write to? Or do you use music at all?

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