Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Some bitchy advice from Heather O'Neill

I like Heather O'Neill a lot. I think she has one of the strongest narrative voices I've read in a while. But damn if I don't hate her bitchy advice for wannabe writers. For example: "You should have been a huge reader as a child. You should have read everything you could put your hands on. This way literature is your mother tongue."

I mean, f&$%, Heather. Just because you were busy reading your childhood away and you weren't awesome enough to watch Saved by the Bell after school every Tuesday (from 1989 to 1993) in your friend Jane's basement doesn't mean the rest of us can't write, too. Right? Maybe? Sh!t. Mom, why'd you let me go over to Jane's house so much? Heather O'Neill quotes Dickens, Mom, and who do I quote? Bart Simpson, Mom! And Zack effing Morris!

Anyhoo, if you're looking for the best collection of advice for writers from writers, click here now and thank me later. (If you haven't already, you will fall hard for Margaret Atwood, I promise.)

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