Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How'd he know that?

I had my palm read at a party last week and the psychic told me the following things:

1) I am a writer
2) I have a line on my hand that only 5% of the population does, a line that means I am extraordinarily capable of completing creative tasks that require a great deal of follow-through and commitment
3) I'm a constant source of new ideas
4) I am very modest, except when I post about palm-reading experiences

I left that party feeling energized and ecstatic. "I yam a writer," I yelped. "I yam, I yam, I really really yam!" All because this stranger -- who has never read a single word I've ever written -- told me what I wanted to hear.

I am shocked by how much this reading meant to me. It's insane that I needed a party favour to make me feel more secure in myself and my abilities. But I needed to hear it, apparently, because I've been hammering out pages -- hard -- ever since. I had the most productive weekend of re-re-re-writing that I've had in ages. While it's been wonderful to write this version of my book in a bubble this time around, I didn't realize how much I was in need of validation, too, from anywhere I could get it, apparently. Including some dude my boss found in the Yellow Pages.

Now, not all the news was good. The psychic also told me that when published or submitted to agents, my book would not get the reception that I'd hoped for. I chose to take this ESP opinion as a glimpse into my past and not my future. Which is very convenient, isn't it? (Thank you, brain.)

Anyhoo, whatever I may take away from this weird event, one thing is for certain: My success, like any writer's, is truly in my hands. (Awww!)


  1. That's awesome, creepy, and true. Keep plugging!

  2. Hi Id,

    I think most writers need validation along the way, because (a) it's hard to write in a vacuum and (b) our fragile egos will break or wither otherwise...

    That's true of even many of the published writers I've met. It's certainly true of me!

    (Hmm, perhaps you should launch a psychic hotline for writers? You could make millions... lol)


  3. Matt - thanks for the support. I'll keep plugging no matter how much the electricity burns.

    Graham - You're on to something with that whole hotline idea. Forget the novel! Me and Miss Cleo are going into business together!

  4. i had my palm read once. apparently i used to travel around with alexander the great as his muse and lover. go figure.

  5. No. How did YOU do that? How are you getting these perfect stock photos?

  6. Paul - That is the coolest palm reading story I've ever heard. And, as long as Alexander the Great was hot, I can totally see it being true.

    Alana - Aside from handling rejection with class and elegance, finding stock images is my claim to fame.