Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Woo hoo!

Just kidding! If you're looking for good news, you've tuned in to the wrong blog, my friend. Actually, I suppose I do have good news, at least as far as the content of Ego Burn is concerned. This blog has been sorely lacking in miserable tales of "no's," "no thank you's" and "I regret to inform you's" since my manuscript and I tucked ourselves away in the mystical Cave of First Novel Revision.

Until now.

Last night I got a rejection letter from the Ontario Arts Council. I applied for one of their $12,000 grants. I did not get one of their $12,000 grants. Apply. Reject. Apply. Reject. The back and forth, back and forth of my writing life is almost soothing.

I'm fine with this particular rejection because A) I'm used to* the feeling and B) because I did my last revision after I applied. You see, I've learned that doing revisions is great not just for the state of my book but for making excuses, too. Here's what I mean: "I got rejected. Again? Yes, again. But the manuscript I sent them was old anyways, so it doesn't count. Oh yeah, my book is SO much better now." You get the idea.

Now, who's up for some spelunking?

P.S. - Thanks, Matt!


  1. There is also something quite sad about opening ones own SASEs as they drift back in the mail. So thin. The handwritten address once filled out with such purpose...