Wednesday, March 23, 2011 and other news

85,345 words, countless rejections and five years has come to this. By this evening, my final round of changes will be made, Word doc exported to PDF and manuscript bound. On Friday I'll be handing it over to the freelance editor whose opinion I am terrified for. Should be an interesting couple weeks of waiting. I wonder how much hair I'll lose and weight I'll gain? I'm taking bets.

Minor freak-outs along the way, it's been kind of a cool editing process this time around. There hasn't been too much re-writing needed, which made the whole experience feel rather luxurious -- adding new adjectives here and there, refining, scaling back, reinforcing. Also, the manner in which I've been doing the editing has been somewhat of a successful 21st Century experiment. I've been quite busy lately so I've been trying to squeeze in editing opportunities everywhere that I can. My iPod Touch (and now my new iPhone!) has been incredibly handy for this. No matter how busy the subway is, with this little device in my hand, I've been scrolling through my manuscript and copying and pasting areas that need fixing into the Notes app. A bit tedious, yes, but a wonderful way to commute when standing room and three inches around my face is all I've got.

Speaking of things high-tech, I came across this amazing blog the other day: Literary Rejections on Display. There is a vast collection of most excellent stuff here, including actual rejection letters and -- get this! -- a rejection app! What's next? A man on the moon? Speaking of apps, did you know that there's a guy named in The Black Eyed Peas? (scroll ahead to 3:35) I think he does Fergie's hair or something.

In a final piece of good news, a fellow book writer and novel blogger, Tara Benwell, has listed her self-published book The Proper Order of Things for sale on Amazon here. I just ordered my copy this morning and if you want to support first-time Canadian novelists, why not do the same?


  1. Congratulations and good luck!

    But more importantly: OMG YOU GOT AN IPHONE???

  2. Thanks Matt! And yes, my iPhone is amazing. Life changing, even! I can feel myself turning into a world-around-me oblivious, text-messaging a-hole already!

  3. I thought I had subscribed to your blog. Figured you had take some time off blogging. I've missed a bunch of posts. I must try subscribing again! Thank you so much for sharing my book news here. And thanks for that tweet today. You're the first to notify me that you've read it and finished it. Consider yourself my first real reader (not including humans I've met and people in the industry who read it because it could possibly earn them some money)! Now, I need to catch up on your blog. :)

  4. Tara: Your book was wonderful. You should be very proud. I think my fave line was: "... two loose corkscrews dangling in front of my eyes for sex appeal." Welcome back to the blog and l'm looking forward to your next book!