Monday, November 7, 2011

The new stuff I like right this second

I'm listening to the new album from Coeur de Pirate, an insanely melodic/romantic Francophone singer-songwriter from Montreal. That's her picture up there. Isn't she cool? She's so cool, right? I want to be a skinny French-Canadian artist with tattoos so bad! Anyways, I'm obsessed with her song "Place de la Republique" at the moment. It's smooth like butter, and I'm vegan so I don't just banty about dairy analogies willy nilly. Her music is especially wonderful to write to for some reason. (Probably because I don't understand a lot of her lyrics.) Gorg, I say. GORG.

If you have 15 minutes, read this excerpt. It's by Elly Zupko, a writer I've cooed about before on this blog. I don't know this person at all. I stumbled upon her stuff through Twitter one day and had the pleasure of reading one of her brilliant short stories. She's good. Like, good good. Like, I-hate-her-so-much good. Normally, I'm not a fan of the genre her novel would be boxed into, but the writing is fab enough that genre doesn't matter. She defies genre, people! The characters, the setting, everything. I can't believe she has to publish this book herself. I mean, WTF?

In other "new writer" news, I went to a reading this weekend at the Toronto Women's Bookstore and it was excellent. I heard works by three talented and very different writers: Lisa de Nikolits (West of Wawa), Dawn Promislow (Jewels and Other Stories) and Danila Botha (Got No Secrets). Some serious skillz here -- and all of it imported from South Africa. I love it when Canada steals awesome people away from their homelands. It's so bad-ass of us.

I'm really feeling the horror genre these days. Especially when the horror at hand has some real depth to it. I have American Horror Story to thank for this new interest of mine. The show is wildly scary and weird, and it lights up parts of my brain that don't get out to play much anymore. I love falling in love with a new genre -- I find it really inspiring for my own writing.

The New Girl is also awesome. "Adorkable" is how the show describes itself and I have to agree. It's very silly and pee-your-pants funny, so basically it's the opposite of American Horror Story. I like to watch it after AHS, actually. It helps me forget about the monsters under my bed and the jars of haunted fetuses in my basement.

What stuff do you like this second? Does any of it inspire your own writing?

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