Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Octopuses and Kinko's and sharks, oh my!

Now that our water is clear enough to bathe in, my troubled laptop replaced, and all Christmas-related giving/receiving (remote control, air-swimming shark included) has come to a close, I'm finally able to dive back into my book. That's right, people: there's still work to be done. You're shocked, aren't you? You're all like, "Wha? But she plays with punctuation like a DJ spins records! How can SHE need to revise anything?" Firstly, that example was weak. Do better next time. And secondly, you have to be realistic. Most writers, even semi-colon mavericks like me, have to do revisions before their agents can do their thang.

So tonight, I, like hundreds of writers before me, shlepped my butt to Kinko's to pay an exorbitant amount of money for some ink, paper and slightly sweaty customer service. And here's the awesome part! While I was waiting in line and fumbling with my fogged-up glasses (it was snowing like a bi#$% out there), I noticed that the woman in front of me was printing off her own manuscript! AND! we got to talking and it turned out that she was putting together a portfolio for an Ontario Arts Council grant! The same grant I've whined about here! AND!! AND!! the book she's applying with is a romance about octopuses!

I love octopuses!

Manuscripts, grants, time, place, a passion for cephalopods -- they all seemed like impressive enough coincidences on their own, until...

... I noticed that she was wearing the same Roots hoodie that I was wearing!

I mean, come on! This has to mean something, right? Something about the fate of my book and hers. (But mostly mine.) That just as I found this writer, this kindred spirit, at Kinko's, my book will find an editor, a publisher and thousands of devoted readers! Doesn't it?

It doesn't?


You sure?

Shut up.


  1. Did you actually acknowledge the hoodie synchronicity?

  2. I did, Matt. We talked about our mixed feelings re: the thumb holes. Innovative, but poorly positioned on the sleeve.