Thursday, January 5, 2012

This post has nothing to do with writing

Since a fat chance is my favourite kind of chance, I just entered a contest to win a free wedding in Hawaii. Woo hoo! This prize would be a dream come true because

a) I do not want to plan a wedding myself
b) I'm broke
c) of fate and karma-related reasons
d) only 30 people get to come, which gives me -- a colossal chicken -- an excuse to keep the wedding small without offending anyone.

So I typed up a letter, Photoshopped the New York Yankees logo off my baseball cap as per contest regulations...

... and crossed my fingers.

If you want to enter, too, go for it. Click here.

Hee hee! Now why would I want to compete against you? I may be broke and a chicken, but I'm not a dum-dum.


  1. HA! Man, that sounds like just my kind of wedding! Please send me the real link so we can be competitors. Is the contest over?! Our kids keep bugging us to get married. Fat chance for the same reasons and more! I'm so glad you left a message on my blog, because now I get to catch up on all of your hilarious posts. Who wouldn't give you a job? Crazy.

  2. Hi Tara! So glad you're blogging about writing stuff again! Oh yeah, that contest is way over. But they'll probably do one again. (It was a LIVE! With Kelly! -- you know, as in Regis and Kelly -- contest).