Thursday, February 16, 2012

My book trailer is a joke, but I assure you that my book is not

Because I had far too much free time yesterday...

Okay, so I only had so much video available to me -- my pre-husband making the bed via his unique method (patent pending), some random monkeys from a vacation to Indonesia, me in an iPhone video about a hot sauce cookbook -- but still... I think the trailer is quite powerful. I'll leave it up until common sense gets the better of me.

Old man (be warned -- his page is sort of x-rated); Katee Sackhoff; Streetcar
The rest of the stills? Well, I'd credit them if I could but I can't. Let's see how long I'm able to keep this up.


  1. It's perfect. I want to hire you to make mine. You'll need plenty of ocean shots, and maybe some footage of a kid at happy hour with her dad.

    I'm kidding. Mostly. Like, half kidding.

    Can't wait to read your book (not kidding)!

  2. No problem, Rhonda. I'll pencil you in. Just to warn you, I'm very expensive. I mean, did you see those Ken Burns effects? Not just anybody can do those, you know.

  3. Um, that was frigging awesome. Like, killer funny. And Anthony wriggling out of the sheets? Jesus Awesome Christ. So good.

  4. Thanks Matt. As you know, the patent is pending but I'm sure Anthony would school you on his method if you ask nicely enough.

  5. This was so great. I wish I had the guts to show anyone my freetime book trailer, lol. It is mostly stick figures.

    (Sorry I've been MIA. I am feverishly catching up on your blog. Thank you for your kind words about TWMD; I am working on a new one, which is Something Completely Different.)

    1. Elly! Great to hear from you! I'm dying to learn more about your next book. You'll be blogging about it soon, yes?