Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm sorry, Internet.

>> Internet: >: |

>> Emily: Oh, it's you, Internet. Um. Hi.

>> Internet: >: |

>> Emily: Okay, okay. So I missed my own self-imposed Wednesday blogging deadline. So what?

>> Internet: :(

>> Emily: Oh wow. I had no idea you cared so much, Internet. Listen, I'm sorry I let you down. But I have a good excuse.

>> Internet: :|

>> Emily: I just got a new job. A full-time job. And it pays a liveable wage!

>> Internet: :)

>> Emily: Thanks, Internet. I'm happy about it, too.

>> Internet: :o

>> Emily: Pardon? Internet, can you speak up?

>> Internet: :0

>> Emily: What's inspiring me lately, writing-wise? Funny you should ask, Internet! I actually went to a writing workshop last weekend run by a brand new writing school called 52 Riverdale. It was held at this beautiful home in Toronto, not some soulless seminar hall, and the group was small so everyone got personal attention from the instructors. And the instructors! Internet, you would love them. My fellow writers were lovely, too, and it was so energizing to be there with them, which was a nice surprise. I mean, Internet, you know as well as I do that a room full of literary-type people can either be a boom or a bust.

>> Internet: ;)

>> Emily: Oh, Internet. Not that kind of a bust. You're terrible!

>> Internet: :)

>> Emily: Anyways, like I was saying, the workshop was wonderful. It re-energized me, which is just what I needed at this stage of my second novel. I felt really stimulated and challenged, and everyone was very supportive of one another. Did you know I was writing my second novel, Internet?

>> Internet: | - 0

>> Emily: Oh, I'm boring you am I? Fine. I've had enough of you too.

>> Internet: * \ 0 / *


  1. Hey Franzine. It's a corporate writing/editing job. I'm hoping that at the end of each day, I'll still have something left in the tank for fiction.

    I'm still dying to know what reality show you work on, btw. Can you give me a hint?

  2. no! can't. it's not jersey shore or anything, but most of my friends who are into food have seen it. if you come visit nyc i will tell you.

    i have had to take a break from working on my novel for a bit. sad.

  3. Ooh. I'm into food. And I'm really into food-related reality TV. I better get to NYC soon then because I MUST know.

    It sucks that you have to take a break from your novel. But when you do have time, think of how amazing it will feel to write it again.

  4. Wednesday blogging deadlines are for suckas. Unless you're the internet. Don't hurt the internet, Emily....

    1. I'll try not to, Matt. But you saw that cheerleader emoticon. I mean, do I just let that $#%! slide?