Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Good news (not mine)

As you may or may not know, I’m heavy into revisions again. As it turns out, this whole book-writing thing isn’t that easy. Who knew, right? I was supposed to have a Pulitzer and a writing apartment in Paris by now. What I’ve actually got, though, is a vicious case of carpel tunnel and really extremely frizzy hair. (It’s been trés humid in my home office as of late.) I’ve been watching an awful lot of Lost lately, too, so in case you were wondering... No, the image above is not a clever clue signalling that I've “lost” my mind during rewrites. I’m just obsessed with John Locke. 

Since I don’t have much to say about my own stuff these days—clearly—I thought I’d share some really extremely good news from another writer whose blog I follow, Anne Riley.

Anne wrote a YA novel, got an agent, got rejected by publishers, self published, lost her agent, regretted having gone the self-publishing route and then—drumroll, please!—got an honest-to-goodness publishing deal for that same book!

Anne sums up her adventure much better than I do, of course, so give it a read here. It's way inspiring.

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