Sunday, May 13, 2012

I love revising

It's a beautiful Sunday morning! The birds are singing, the NY Times was at my door, my cereal was covered in nuts and so very delicious, the old guy who lives upstairs who's been hacking and coughing himself to death for months on end is silent... 

Hmm... Actually, that probably means that he's dead. I should check on that.

Anyways, I'm having a lovely Sunday morning because I get to spend most of it working on revisions to The Weather Inside. And I couldn't be more excited I must say! (Random Canadian TV reference.) I have some AMAZING ideas that I am so happy to be including in my first book. One idea actually has to do with deleting rather than including, but it's exciting nonetheless. It involves getting rid of a character whose name I couldn't remember. Seriously. I was talking to my agent on the phone and she mentioned the character -- Caroline -- and I was all like "Sorry. Who?" Who forgets the names of their own characters? Somebody who should have never invented the character in the first place.

So Caroline is gone and all her good scenes are being rolled over to another character. Some pivotal motivations are being reconstructed, too, all in the hopes of making this first novel of mine connect better with readers. It's certainly connecting better with me. I mean, after all this time and all these revisions, it's a miracle that I'm so damn happy to be back in the papery arms of my first-novel love. 

I hope your Sunday is spent in the arms of a book or manuscript, too. Or a lovely human. Or lovely human children. Because it is Mother's Day after all. My mom is deep in the heart of the Florida everglades on some sort of Elder Adventure. Happy Mother's Day, mom, even though you hate Mother's Day. And remember, mom, if you see lightning, stop the portage and drop the canoe. You do not want this to happen to you:

(Another random Canadian TV reference.) 

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