Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tiny literature

So I've been reading my re-writes from the night before on my iPhone as I commute into work. And I have to say, I like my stuff so much more when it's teeny tiny. (And more still when it's single spaced.) It feels cozier somehow, and almost secretive. The screen so close to my face, my whole book fitting into my palm. It's a totally absorbing and rich way to read. Who knew?

I used to be skeptical of iPhone reading. I was worried that my eyes wouldn't be able to take it and that it somehow cheapened the reading experience. Until I read Patrick DeWitt's The Sisters Brothers in teeny tiny font.

I had a job interview at Kobo so I downloaded their app for research/sucking up purposes. And to my surprise, even though the app kept crashing, I fell in love with the font size, the scrolling and everything teeny tiny I've already gushed about. (The book too, of course. It's perfect.)

What about you? Do you like reading off your smart phone? And have you ever read your own manuscript in teeny tiny smart phone font?


  1. To be honest, I fucking hate it. I mean, don't get me wrong, I read the news on my iPhone every single day. Ditto with FB. But that's partially because so often the shit I read is kinda mundane so I don't mind the tiny font. Also, because I prize fiction so much, it just pains me to read literature on such a small screen. My iPad, on the other hand, is actually great for reading. But here's the thing: I know other people love it, so once my first novel is published, I'll definitely make sure that people can read it on their kindles, iPhones, Androids, nooks, whatever, because some people really dig that interface, just not me.

  2. Yeah, I definitely think that among writers, the enjoyment of iPhone reading will be rare. I'd choose books and my Kindle over my iPhone, but I like the small e-format, too. By the way, I re-read last night's rewrites on my iPhone Kobo app this morning and it was so rad! It looked just like a real, teeny tiny book!