Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Donuts and dollhouses

I have three days off work coming up at the end of October – three glorious days – and I have big plans for them:

1) Eat a gluten-free, vegan donut from Tori’s Bakeshop

2) Edit manuscript

This edit will be the last before I send it off to my agent, who, God-willing, will actually want to read it again. All the old fears are boiling up, of course – that’s where the donuts come in – but all the old excitement, too. I haven’t read the thing, on purpose, in months and I’m missing it. I’m also terrified that, compared to all the astonishingly good books I’ve read since we parted (Orkney by Amy Sackville among them), my little novel will seem like an unmitigated turd.

To keep my mind off of my manuscript the last little while, I’ve kept myself busy with reading as many quality novels as I could, obsessively checking the Ontario Arts Council “Current List of Grant Recipients” web page, and writing a new piece for the CBC short story contest. The short is pretty good, I think. It was inspired by a hilarious voicemail from my dad and my 25-year-old ransacked dollhouse:

My actual dollhouse as photographed in August of 2013.
Note the dollhouse within the dollhouse. I was a deeply meta child.

So that's all from me. I’ll let you know if I like or dislike my manuscript. I’ll also be sure to post a photo of the donut. 


  1. "An unmitigated turd": oh, how I laughed!

  2. Sending smooth editing vibes! And your dollhouse is perfect. Feels like home.