Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Word clouds and soup (AKA: neat stuff I found on the Internet)

That up there is a word cloud of chapter one and two of my novel. Kind of cool, huh? A word cloud is a graphical representation of word frequency, which means I used "like" a lot. Oops. Sound the simile alarm! (Or the Valley Girl alarm.)

It's surprising, but just seeing my words presented like this has breathed new life into my exhausted little book and its equally exhausted author. If only a little bit. A puff. 

If you want to make one too, Google "word cloud." There's a few sites that will blip-bleep them together for you. (In case you didn't know, everything in computerland works either in blips or bleeps, or sometimes both simultaneously.) I made mine here.

Also, a friend of mine (hi Alana!) told me about this essay by the author Junot Diaz and I wanted to share. I can relate on a level that makes me very uncomfortable and hopeful at the same time. 

Also #2, if you haven't read the blog Literary Rejections on Display lately, it's worth a revisit. The writer shut it down a year ago but she's back. And get this: she got a book deal! How fantastic is that? So you see, there is hope out there. You just have to spend a lot of time on, like, the Internet to find it.

And here’s another fabulous thing I found on the Internet. I’ve been making this roasted red pepper soup lately and it’s really helped me make it through the polar vortex from hell. I amp up the protein by adding tofu and chickpeas. And because the only thing tastier than fat is more fat, I add in some Daiya cream cheese and cashews. Avocado would be good too. So there you go. Blip-bleep.


  1. dude, i'm TOTALLY gonna do a word cloud + post it on my site. stay tuned.



  2. Word clouds are my new favorite thing. Make one with filthy swears and impress your friends!

  3. I just did a word cloud of chapter one of my novel, and two words loom large: "Mom" "didn't." Oh, poor moms of the world. A thankless job.

    1. So true, Alana.
      Also, wouldn't it be fun to use our most commonly used words as a psychoanalysis tool? Oh the fun we would have!

    2. I think I just did ;) Speaking of moms, I hope your visit with mother and child is going well.