Sunday, March 29, 2015

Oh yes this is happening

After spending the weekend at my father's home in the godforsaken frozen tundra that is Ottawa, Ontario, I've come to a conclusion: the ultimate writing set-up is not desk/chair/PC; is not standing-desk/Mac/hipster moustache; is not typewriter/oil lamp/Vermont retreat... It is, quite simply, this:

After a long day sitting upright at my desk at work, the last thing my back and I want to do is sit at yet another desk -- in yet another upright position -- to write. Right? 


Seriously, guys. I practiced on my father's chair yesterday, so I've got it all worked out.

Every night after work, I'll change out of my power suit and into my snuggy jam-jams. I'll then set myself down in my glorious recliner, release the lever, stretch out my legs, recline as far as needed, place my laptop on my lap and tad dah! It's the ultimate spine-sustaining posture for the moonlighting novelist! 

My spine gets a stretch and I'm in the perfect typing position. Plus I may nod off and dream up something sheer genius! Like the next Hunger Games or Harry Potter! Or maybe, if it's a horrible nightmare, the next Fifty Shades! Why, with this chair, my next novel will practically write itself!

Plus an oversized recliner is basically a hug covered in upholstery. And what do struggling writers need??? HUGS. 

But seriously, sitting is the new smoking, apparently. But reclining? Reclining isn't the new anything. It's just reclining. So until someone from the FDA -- or whatever Canada's version of that is -- tells me I could lose a lung from my La-Z-Boy, I'm doing this thing.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

I am happier than this photo suggests!

Me adding my SIN number to my book contract! Neat!

The Weather Inside
By Emily Saso
Coming in Fall 2016 from Freehand Books


Big thanks to this person and this person. And to this person too. But more on all that later...