Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The best podcast on writing I've heard in a while

This guy? This guy is something else.

Just thought I'd stop by to say hello because it's been a while, and to share this little goodie:

It's a fantastic podcast featuring Canadian screenwriter Ryan Knighton. He talks about how you sustain a career writing for Hollywood studios while living in Vancouver. But, more importantly, he talks about Story. I'm talking capital "S" Story; all the esoteric stuff that makes non-writers throw their popcorn at you. And maybe a fist if you're a real a-hole about it.

Anyways, all you authors out there will be fascinated about what he has to say about Story, so it's worth a listen. Especially the first half hour.

By the way, Ryan was an author of non-fiction before he ever wrote a screenplay and it's quite educational to hear him speak to how the one informs the other. You know how much I love cross-genre inspiration, so this part lit up my brain like a Christmas tree. 

You may have guessed that I'm in screenwriting mode right now. The deadlines for a few U.S. TV writing fellowships are just around the corner, and I'm working hard on my applications for Warner Brothers and NBC.

It's nice to have a deadline, plus I'm having loads of fun writing my spec script. 

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