Sunday, August 30, 2015



It’s been too long! Oh my god, just look at you! You've changed so much! Your new hair looks fab! and/or You’re SO skinny! and/or How’d you lose that tooth?

I’d like to say that I’ve been away for a month because I’VE BEEN SO BUSY WRITING BOOKS. But that would be a lie. 

I’ve actually been:

a) reading books (Station Eleven being the best of a very good bunch) 
b) writing a TV show 
c) applying for various programs (like this one with Women on Screen)
d) praying to the god in my ceiling that I got into various other programs (WOTV included)
e) thinking about marketing strategies for my novel
f) bummed out that my pal went back to finish her MFA (read her v. cool interview with Niche Magazine here)
g) watching every single episode of Friends ever made
h) turning into a Literary Hub super fan!

If you haven’t signed up for the LitHub newsletter yet, you really should. The editors have simplified my "reading-about-writing" life with their talents for content aggregation. I appreciate having to go to only one place for all my juicy literary gossip. Because there is so much writing-about-writing to consume and so little time. 

This being the case, I sometimes think I should stop contributing to this particular navel-gazing canon. But then I think... What Would Joey Do?