Thursday, July 28, 2016

Explore Inside Emily, Saso

I'm on the 2016 Crazy for CanLit list, which is put together by the Giller Prize people. Hold your applause: every Canadian author published this year is on it. But I'm on a list, okay, which means I exist, my book exists. So I'm throwing roses and high-fiving myself and champagne is bursting out of bottles, etc.

When I heard about this list via my friend Erin, there was a confusing moment when I thought I had made the long list for the Giller Prize. It made no sense -- I knew this -- but my body still reacted as it does to good news. Sweaty forehead. A tingle up the spine. A "wait wait wait wait wait" rush. Fear.

Being on this list is nowhere close -- not even a little bit -- to being on the long list for the Giller Prize. But I am a capital everything IDIOT, and so I believed in the fantasy, I allowed myself that two-second rush. And then I wiped my forehead with my sleeve, and it was gone.

I don't understand Pinterest so I haven't a clue how one is supposed to interact with this list. Further confusing matters is the page that popped up when I clicked on my book:

I wouldn't recommend exploring "Inside Emily, Saso," but I would recommend checking out some of the books on this list. (And a big thanks to the Giller Prize people for including me.)


  1. Yes, it is a bit troubling that they are offering people the chance to explore inside you, and Saso Dp and more! And haha, that is exactly what my split-second reaction would have been too. A good sign, I think, that our first instinct is to believe we deserve all the prizes.

  2. Fascinating to see cover art for every book to be published by a Canadian this year. How did you feel your cover held up? I think it's totally eye-catching. I would have clicked on your book even minus the promise of looking Inside Saso. Woohoo!

    1. Right? I totally agree, Alana. Natalie Olsen did such a great job on the cover, so it definitely holds its own! And it is pretty cool to see all those covers together like that, right? A beautiful sight!