Sunday, November 13, 2016

Mini book tour to Edmonton and Calgary

My publisher, Freehand Books, was kind enough to bring me out to Alberta for a mini book tour last week. I was too nervous/excited to take good photos, but every now and then I'd think to pull out my phone. Here's a few.

Google Maps abandoned me halfway through my sojourn into downtown Edmonton.
This little stretch of neon was a happy discovery.
This vegan lentil loaf was not an accident;
I'd been planning on eating it for a week, and it did not disappoint.
(The Blue Plate Diner in Edmonton)

Me outside of Audreys Books in Edmonton.
It's cozy and brimming with books and shelves and readers
-- everything you'd want a bookstore to be. 

Good turnout for the reading at Audreys Books!

My biggest regret? Only taking one photo at the Freehand Fall Bash in Calgary. 
I couldn't really sleep -- my hotel-room neighbours were very much in love --
so thank goodness for TLC. After watching Toddlers and Tiaras for three hours,
I feel like I understand how Trump won the election.


  1. Loved getting a report on this. Go Em, go!

  2. Great to see the pictures. So happy for you.

  3. My biggest regret? Not taking ANY photos at the event in Calgary. Gah! I need a checklist: remember to show up, remember to bring my copies of the books to get signed, remember to take pictures.