Friday, December 9, 2016

Get Lit

I had such fun with Jamie Tennant on his radio show "Get Lit" the other day. You can give it a listen on Sound Cloud here:

“Get Lit” with Jamie Tennant (93.3 CFMU – Sound Cloud)

Be sure to check out Episode 1 and 2 for his interviews with Giller nominee Gary Barwin and Giller winner Madeleine Thien as well. Jamie is a wonderful literary interviewer for many reasons, the most obvious being: he's an author too. He wrote a pretty darn unforgettable novel about music, starting over, Scotland, magic and asshole-rehabilitation that came out this fall, The Captain of Kinnoull Hill. I can't remember laughing out loud while reading a book as often as I did here. Jamie has a gift for humour, but more than that, he's a very talented, empathetic writer. Lots of emotional depth and complexity, and skilled use of language, here. And the surprises! So many wild, wonderful, horrible things happen! I had no idea where Jamie was taking me, and I loved the whole trip!

Thanks for writing this wonderful book, Jamie. And thanks for having me on your show.


  1. What a fantastic interviewer he is! And of course you were very poised. Hamilton is so on my radar this month, btw. Yelp coffee shops.

    1. I like Hamilton, but if it woos you away from TO, it's gonna be on my $#it list.