Tuesday, December 6, 2016

My favourite novella eva

I am so excited for Corrado Paina, my friend and former boss. He has written a truly brilliant, hilarious and heartwarming novella, Between Rothko and 3 Windows. Translated from the original Italian by Damiano Pietropaolo, Corrado’s essential perspective on the Italian “immigrant experience” is unlike any I have ever read. He’ll probably hate me for using that phrase, “immigrant experience.” He’s probably rolling his eyes and swearing as he reads this. But dammit, Corrado, I am not a poet like you! 

Of course, Between Rothko and 3 Windows is so much more than a novella about an Italian immigrant in Canada. Pick it up if you’re looking for a book that: 
  • Brings the city of Toronto alive; makes you nod and sigh and smile at the places/faces you know
  • Spins the CanLit immigrant archetypes on their heads
  • Makes you laugh
  • Is written by a brilliant, original man who infuses poetry into everyday life
  • Muses on art, culture, racism, making a living at a dying newspaper, the pressure of community, of conforming, of family, fatherhood, health, aging… 
And never mind all that. If you just want to read a twisty-turny murder-mystery… THIS IS THAT BOOK TOO.

If Between Rothko and 3 Windows doesn’t win the Toronto Book Award, I will eat my hat.

For more on this novel, visit Quattro Books here.

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