Thursday, October 26, 2017

Speed dating! But with books! (November 1, 2017)

On November 1 at 6pm, I’ll be guest reading at Daniel Griffin's event at Ben McNally’s (Toronto's most excellent, fun-loving, author-supporting bookstore). There will be a total of four writers at this event! Wow, right? Daniel, me, Rebecca Rosenblum and Mark Sampson. These three are exceptional writers, but they’re also very entertaining readers. They really put some muscle into it. Plus we’re just reading short sections, so it’ll be like speed dating! Maybe you’ll fall in love with a new novel, or maybe you’ll drink too much and make out with a book case. Either way, it’s a good story. I hope you can make it!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Come party* with me at IFOA!

Last year I was beside myself with glee (and reeling from a case of imposter's syndrome) when I got to participate in Toronto's International Festival of Authors (IFOA). Miraculously, they've invited me back. Maybe no one told them about my shenanigans in the minivan?

If you haven't yet experienced the IFOA, you must. The depth of talent from around the world, the level of conversation and insight, the beautiful books for sale, the opportunity to meet literary heroes (like that time I met her and him).... If you love to read, write, or both, this festival is for you.

But enough about you.

On October 24 at 8:00 pm, I'll be introducing Heather O'Neill as she takes the stage to talk about her new book The Lonely Hearts Hotel. Like most people with a pulse, I’m a fan of Heather's work, so I'm looking forward to seeing her speak and chat. Find the event details here.

If they let me back in the building, I'll be introducing another IFOA event on October 25 at 6:00 pm, this one a reading/roundtable with Michelle Berry, Immanuel Mifsud and Kathleen Winter. Get the DL here. I'm so intrigued by the theme for this one! Futile Fates: guilt, failure, hopelessness, the power of the human spirit and second chances. Hmm... maybe someone did tell them about the minivan.

As for other festival goodies that I recommend... where to start?

I'd like to write a book about men soon, so I'm definitely going to hit up Of Fathers and Sons. Dissecting the Villain sounds fantastic (Andrew Pyper is great), as does Walking Cities (writing about place is a challenge for me, so I'm hoping to learn something) and Writing an Informed Story (Claire Cameron's The Last Neanderthal is on my must-read list). Barbara Gowdy is a must-see! Her new novel is fabulous, and she's very funny on stage. Plus Jane Urquhart is interviewing her. And last but not least, if I could I would check out The Nature of Fear. The topic alone is a winner, and Grace O'Connell and Ania Szado are serious talents.

IFOA runs from October 19-29, so get your tickets soon. Lots of these events sell out, and for good reason.

*Oh, and in case it wasn't clear, by "party" I of course meant sit quietly and listen, and clap when prompted.