Friday, November 10, 2017

Review in Event Magazine

There's a thoughtful review of The Weather Inside in the latest issue of Event Magazine. It's very balanced and I feel lucky that Cathy Stonehouse took the time to consider my weird little book. I was kind of blown away with how bang-on it was. I read it tonight and I was like, um, whoa. She doesn't just get my book, she kind of gets me. *Gulp.*

It's not online, but here's a taste:

"Overall, Saso is a superb writer, excelling in secondary characterization and the evocation of life’s absurdity. She produces so many great scenes, dialogue exchanges and set pieces: Avery ambushing cycling weatherman Calvin Straight on the street; Steve the building manager cooking up Greek comfort food in Avery’s kitchen; Avery visiting her chill GP to discuss her alarming symptoms.... Yet her virtuosity is also a liability: I sometimes felt Saso was either seduced by her own prodigious talent for humour, or..."

To find out her other theory and more (she does take me to task for a few things) you'll have to download the issue. ;)  Thank you, Event and Cathy. 

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