Sunday, July 22, 2018

I've hit a creative wall with this scene. It's a backstory chunk. Now, normally I love writing backstory, especially when it helps me build suspense. (Does that sound confusing?) But this chunk. Gah. I've been working it for months and can't make it shine.

Good news, though!

Just a few hours ago, a random, confused woman wandered into our apartment. So instead of triple-saving my Word doc and closing it as I normally would, I'm going to leave it open in case she comes back. Maybe she has some good ideas.


  1. Sometimes the present story is just more interesting than the backstory! Case in point. A random woman just wandered into your apartment? It's like you're living in a novel by Kafka.

    1. Blogger sucks so I just got this comment now. YES! It was funny. She was confused and so were we.