Saturday, November 17, 2018

In my feelings (about TIFA)

(Yes I know that I am late to this party.)

It's been quiet on the blog for a bit because I've been working really hard on novel two. Every morning before work, here I am in my cold little office thing slowly building this story. It's coming together, and I sort of can't believe it. I mean, I can, because I've struggled over every word. And the structure -- my god don't even get me started on the structure.

If you miss my posts, may I suggest that you check out the one I wrote for the Toronto International Festival of Authors? (Man, you can really see my pores in that photo.) Anyways, the post is about community, the kind that some writers (ahem: me) need from time to time to ward off the bad bad thoughts.

This year's festival, by the way, was incredible. I met such wonderful authors and readers, and I only flubbed one name on stage despite my efforts to practise it in the bathroom beforehand. Thank goodness the author was so cool about it and instantly forgave me. That author, by the way, is Ivana Bodrožić who wrote the heartbreakingly gorgeous The Hotel Tito. She's very special, this one. Talking to her about life and writing was the most fun I've ever had at a signing table. Also, she rocked her panel. Her perspective on forever being associated with war because of her book was the highlight of the festival for me. I felt lucky to be in the same room as this woman.

Okay, back to writing now. Time is money. (JKJK Canadian writers don't make money.)