Saturday, February 9, 2019


You know a country is a warmonger when you try to make up fictional names for warships and aircraft carriers only to find that they are ALL actually in use.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

My beloved Freehand Books

There's a nice article in The Calgary Herald about my very favourite small press in all of the land, Freehand Books.


The writer interviews the wonderful acting managing editor Anna Boyar, goes into Freehand's indie-as-it-gets approach to publishing, and talks up some of their new titles. I'm excited for Freehand right now because their book Homes: A Refugee Story by Abu Bakr al Rabeeah and Winne Yeung is part of this year's CBC Canada Reads debate, which could be huge in terms of sales for the teeny tiny press. Freehand puts so much love and care into their books (including mine); it's a delight to see them getting their due.

Here's the article.