Thursday, March 26, 2020

Blind Item


Two authors are going through a breakup. I think. They both write literary fiction and are married. I'm a big fan of the woman's work. LOVE her books. The dude? Don't know his stuff.

Anyways, I've been following the saga through their various social media feeds for a couple months. The man is definitely taking it harder. I think he got burned by what I'm assuming was an affair.

But maybe it's just distance, because from what I can gather, they've been living apart. She: in LA working on a screen adaptation of one of her amazing books. He: back home.

But I'd bet money on an affair. Or maybe worse... maybe she fell in love with someone else.


She seems ok. She's posting silly memes, showing no emotion, sharing nothing real.

But the guy? Not ok, not ok at all. Lots of sad selfies, lots of thanking his friends for their support during this difficult time, etc.

It doesn't take a genius to put these pieces together. Just a nosey asshole with too much time on her hands.

I hope COVID-19 brings them back together.

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