Wednesday, August 11, 2021

An experiment we can all look forward to


I have decided to run an experiment. 

Do I write better drunk? Or off-the-wall hyper on cold brew?

Stay tuned!

Monday, August 9, 2021

Too insecure for Instagram. Too anxious for Twitter. So I just hang out here on Blogger now, and it's nice.


Thursday, August 5, 2021

I'm going to miss my deadline

Two days ago, I thought this was a deranged adult bird, but it turned out to be a baby bird that didn’t understand how to eat a berry on its own. Now its mom comes often to feed it (and give me hateful looks), and two doves sit with it all day and protect it from a bigger dove.

Before work, when I'm supposed to be writing my new book to meet a grant deadline, I'm watching all this bird drama go down. (and of course editing dramatic music videos together) So this bird could cost me $12,000.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Thoughts on my poet voice

I listened to my recording below, which was as unpleasant as reading reviews on goodreads. But I learned a lot. Specifically that I am guilty of the dreaded Poet Voice. Even though I was trying not to do it. Like, actively trying. 

If I ever get the opportunity to do an actual audiobook and, for whatever reason, the audiobook people hire me to do the reading, I'm going to lean into this tip from an actress friend of mine. She said to just do the read as plainly as possible, with no dramatics or affectations. 

And she is definitely right. Unless you have a talent for acting, just be basic and read in a kind of boring, flat way. It's safer, will annoy your audience less, and you won't feel like a loser as much.

But don't just take my advice. Margaret Atwood reads flat as a pancake and things worked out pretty well for her. 

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Audio recording of chapter one of my debut novel The Weather Inside.

There is no audiobook version of my debut novel, The Weather Inside. But lately, several people have been asking me for one. So I recorded chapter one because I literally had nothing better to do. Enjoy!

(The orange blobs are a nice touch, I think.)

The first draft of my third novel My Sister Is a Witch is going either great or horrible.


My sister is a witch. This is not an insult or a lie. She is a practitioner of the occult, a caster of spells, a brewer of potions and, from what I can tell, an earthly vessel for demons.  

That morning, after I finished my weeding, after I found the map she’d stabbed to my front door with one of her ceremonial daggers, I rowed out to her boat, a yacht-like monstrosity with this name stencilled on the bow: The Selfish Whore.