Sunday, January 20, 2019


I just typed "the end."

That just happened.

What that means is...

Wait... is it possible?

Yes, yes it is.

My solid draft of the new book is done.

I can't... wait...

How did... did I?

My god, I think I just wrote a second novel. And I think it might actually be good!

So what now? My plan, if I can manage it, will be to not look at my manuscript for two months, then do some more revising. I've been revising heavily as I write, so hopefully it won't be too painful, but it will definitely be some kind of painful. Speaking of painful, boy oh boy I sure am not looking forward to pitching again. A few agents have been recommended to me and they seem fantastic, but I'm still a bit nervous about going through all of that again.

Right now, though, I shouldn't worry about all that. Instead, I should celebrate. Only, it's -27 with the windchill and I've been dealing with an antibiotic-resistant UTI from hell since August that has really picked up steam this week. So I think I'll celebrate this accomplishment by watching Groundhog Day, drinking 57 litres of water and praying that my kidneys don't explode.

Ahh life.

Friday, January 18, 2019

When something unexpected happens in any story of mine, my initial response in dialogue is always "WHAT THE—."

This will not sustain me as a novelist.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

As you may have noticed from my recent posts, I've been spending some hours with Margaret Atwood in her MasterClass. I watched the last lesson today, and I'm happy to report that I greatly enjoyed our time together.

Her class is especially helpful for writers who have yet to endure the experience of seeing a novel all the way through, from concept to bookstore shelf. She offers up many essential craft basics, as well as examples from her own writing and that of others to illustrate her points. She truly knows her stuff (obviously) and her delivery is full of encouragement. She's also funny and charming, so the entertainment value is high; even though her tips weren't often new to me, I was never bored.

Personally, even though I was familiar with much of the content already, it was helpful to get "big-picture" reminders from her -- a writer I deeply respect and admire -- specifically the screenshots I featured on this blog. These reminders have proved quite useful as I finish up the final stages of writing my second manuscript.

MasterClass isn't cheap, but if you stumble across it at half price like I did (thanks Mariska!), and you're dying to write a novel but you haven't a clue about what that entails, or you're a huge fan of Atwood's, or you're a more experienced writer who needs a boost, I recommend it.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Tuesday, January 1, 2019